Sincere Congratulations to Prof. Lai for winning the first prize of ETPA) of CAEPI

The second Environmental Technological Progress Award (ETPA) of China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (CAEPI) was officially announced on December 7, 2020, with 10 first prizes and 26 second prizes chosen out from 135 nominations. The project “Key Technologies & Equipment of Highly Concentrated Refractory Chemical Industrial Wastewater Treatment and their Applications” led by Prof. Lai Bo of Sichuan University, the local head of WATCH team for water technology, has been awarded as the first prize. Facing the current strategic demand of wastewater treatment in typical heavy pollution industries of China, this project aims at settling the key difficulties in the highly concentrated refractory chemical industrial wastewater treatment. Prof. Lai and his team have developed appropriate technologies and equipment that are successfully used for wastewater treatment in the chemical industry, including the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, dyes and pesticides. Successfully solving the lack of key equipment in the field provides technical support for the sustainable development of China 's chemical industry, possessing remarkable economic and environmental benefits. WATCH presents heartfelt congratulations to Prof. Lai and his research team.

Demo-project: The treatment of highly concentrated refractory chemical industrial wastewater