Second Sino-German Steering Committee Workshop at the SCU in Chengdu and the YNU in Kunming

The problem of water pollution caused by drugs is currently a major issue in Germany and is therefore in the scientific focus of WATCH. At the first Sino-German Steering Committee Workshop in Aachen on 11th December 2017, the topic “Avoidance of water pollution by drugs“ was proposed for the next bilateral steering committee workshop.

The second Sino-German Steering Committee Workshop “Avoidance of water pollution by drugs“ was successfully held at the Huaxi Hospital (WCSM/WCH) of Sichuan University (SCU) in Chengdu on 19th September 2018. After the opening and welcome by Prof. Tao Li, Director of the Center for Mental Health at SCU, WATCH Research Coordinator, Dr. Yao of RWTH Aachen University, presented the WATCH platform. PD Dr. Paulzen from the Uniklinik of RWTH Aachen University has presented the topic “Therapeutic Drug Monitoring for personalized enhancement of safety and efficacy of psychotropic drug treatment“. Prof. Reimers from RWTH Aachen University gave a lecture on “Emerging Information Infrastructures for Medication Management.“ There was a great response from the Chinese medical doctors. The new developed German treatment method in Aachen was discussed very intensively. Finally, Prof. Yong Chen, Vice Director of the Institute for Disaster Management and Reconstruction, and Prof. Jing Zhang, Director of the Department of Electrical Engineering, presented their facilities and research activities and expressed wishes for a cooperation within WATCH.

In advance, Prof. Yan, Vice-Rector of SCU, warmly welcomed the German delegation and together they visited the WATCH facilities. Prof. Yan highly appreciated the rapid build-up of the WATCH research infrastructure and work team and explicitly confirmed that the SCU will provide additional resources to consolidate WATCH.

In order to expand WATCH, the German partner consortium intends to apply for a joint research project with Yunnan University (YNU), a potential WATCH partner in China, as part of the DFG“s and NSFC“s joint call for early 2019. Therefore, a workshop was held on September 21, 2018 at the Yunnan University in Kunming. In addition to the YUN colleagues, representatives from research institutes for pharmacy, hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry and logistics attended. After the presentation of the proposal sketch by Prof. Luo from YUN, Prof. Reimers initiated the discussion. The participants reacted with great interest to this topic, gave numerous suggestions and additions and expressed their intention to participate in the planned joint project. The subsequently improved project description forms an excellent basis for the proposal in 2019.

After the workshop, the German delegation visited the well-known Chinese pharmaceutical company “Yunnan Baiyao“.

Visiting WATCH Research Infrastructure with Vice President Prof. Yan

Workshop at the University Hospital (WCSM/WCH) of Sichuan University

Workshop at Yunnan University

Touring "Yunnan Baiyao" Company