PIA: Warmest Welcome!

A good start for WATCH: Starting 02.01.2018 we have a new member. The Testing and Development Institute for Wastewater Technology at RWTH Aachen University (PIA) was acquired as a partner for WATCH. We sincerely welcome PIA!

In 2002, the Testing Institute for Wastewater Technology GmbH (PIA GmbH) was founded as a test facility of the Testing and Development Institute for Wastewater Technology at RWTH Aachen University (PIA e.V.). PIA GmbH is accredited and notified testing body for the certification of wastewater treatment products.

PIA`s range of services covers a broad spectrum of small and medium-sized wastewater treatment plants. Not only does PIA conduct initial type tests of, for example, ship sewage or greywater systems, but PIA also tests small wastewater treatment plants as part of the CE marking according to the European standard series DIN EN 12566.

PIA GmbH has an ever-growing global network at its disposal. This has given us a leading edge in terms of understanding and verifying according to national and international requirements in the wastewater sector.

For years, PIA has been seeking a reliable cooperation partner in China, with whom PIA wants to build its China business. The Sino-German Centre for Water And healTh researCH (WATCH, FKZ 01DO17024A/B), financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), promotes cooperation not only for German-Chinese researchers but also for the German-Chinese industries. So PIA GmbH wants to participate in WATCH as a partner. Under the umbrella of the WATCH and with its support, PIA GmbH intents to establish a joint venture in China

PIA GmbH has stated that it will actively participate in the WATCH by providing support and cooperation, as well as participating in joint proposals for Sino-German science and technology projects and providing corresponding research conditions, such as test site, know-how and manpower resource for consulting and training.