Internal kick-off meeting and first German steering committee

After the start of the BMBF project WATCH on 01.09.2017, the first German Steering Committee was held successfully on 27.09.2017 in Aachen.

The kick-off meeting presented the content and concrete milestones of the project. Under the direction of Prof. Pinnekamp, the allocation of tasks between the project partners and procedures for the implementation of the project were discussed in detail.

Decision were:

  • The coordinator s first China mission for coordination with local Chinese project partners will take place in October / November 2017.
  • The bilateral Steering Committee should meet as soon as possible.

Participants were: Prof. Pinnekamp, Dr. Montag and Dr. Yao from the Institute of Environmental Engineering (ISA) of the RWTH Aachen University; Prof. Hollert, Ms. Dr. Du and Mr. M.Sc.Heger from the Institute for Environmental Research of RWTH Aachen University; Prof. Reimers from the Department of Information Systems of RWTH Aachen University; Prof. Gründer and Dr. Paulzen from the Department of Experimental Neuropsychiatry of RWTH Aachen University.

First German Steering Committee on 27.09.2017 in Aachen