Sino-German Centre for Water And healTh researCH (WATCH)

The Sino-German Centre for Water and Health Research (WATCH) shall expand the existing cooperation between RWTH Aachen University and the corresponding universities in China in order to create a facility at Sichuan University in Chengdu known worldwide in water and health research. By integrating research, education and industry, the partners will guarantee that this facility shall be self sustainable for the long term. WATCH is characterized by broadly based multidisciplinary fundamental and application-oriented research, since four different faculties of the RWTH Aachen University (engineering, natural sciences, economics, and medicine) are involved.

WATCH aims to develop innovative solutions for upcoming environmental challenges in both countries. The organizational structure of WATCH shall ensure that its research work remains independent and that it shall be co-financed by participating private companies if required. There is a great potential for applying results in practice since the industry has been strongly integrated into the research structure. Moreover, the Chinese Ministry of Education (MoE) welcomes and financially supports cooperation of research and industry in the field of water and health. Indeed, there is a great opportunity for the German industry because China requires innovative technologies readily available in Germany.

Part of the visible research platform WATCH is the development of an office infrastructure, which supports the further and new development of joint research approaches for the application of third-party funding projects by relevant funding agencies. WATCH will become a regular institution with Chinese posts in the consolidation phase.


Date Topic
30.08.2023 Congratulations on founding the Sino-German Centre for innovative Environmental Technologies (WATCH e.V.)
24.01.2023 WATCH Workshop was successfully held in Chengdu from November 21 to 23, 2022
07.02.2022 China Mission of the WATCH research coordinator from September to December 2021
01.06.2021 Symposium and forum for young scientists - Innovative and application-oriented water technology in Chengdu in 2021
18.01.2021 Sincere Congratulations to Prof. Lai for winning the first prize of ETPA of CAEPI
06.08.2020 Web-conference: Guidelines for technical performance test of small sewage treatment system
31.12.2019 WATCH Workshop in Aachen
10.12.2019 Workshop on Construction of Testing Platform and Certification System for Decentralized Sewage Treatment Equipment
01.10.2019 A Delegation from the Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences Visited RWTH Aachen University
31.05.2019 Sino-German Water Forum at the 15th Chengdu International Water Exhibition (CDWE) 2019
15.01.2019 Kick-off Workshop and Opening Ceremony of WATCH Joint Laboratory in Beijing
05.12.2018 Second Sino-German Steering Committee Workshop at the SCU in Chengdu and the YNU in Kunming